Our New Wireless House Audio System


We are blessed to have two homes in two very unique and beautiful locations.  Our summer home is located in Bend, Oregon which you have seen me mention here and here.  Our second home is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Typically we spend the winters in Charleston as the weather in Bend gets extremely cold during the winter months.  Not to mention the days get VERY short between November and March and that has a pretty dramatic impact on my mood.

One of the nice things about the Bend house is that we have speakers throughout that allow us to listen to music whenever we want.  The home in Charleston is quite old and to add speakers in the ceilings would be both expensive and cause significant damage to the walls and ceilings.

So we decided to speak to a local company about what our options might be.  Audio Evolution is the Charleston home theater installation company we decided to work with.  They proposed a solution using a company called Sonos.  All of the speakers are wireless.

We decided to give it a shot, though both my husband and I were concerned that the quality wouldn’t be what we were used to from our other home.  Boy were we impressed!  These little wireless speakers actually perform really well.

On top of their high performance, the interface for controlling the speakers couldn’t be any easier.  Everything is done from an iPad or iPhone.  You simply select the room or rooms in which you want to listen to music, then select the album or song, and away you go.

It integrates with all of our favorite music services including Pandora and Rhapsody.  It’s so simple to use ,that we’re even considering replacing our system in Oregon with a Sonos system.  While I would consider our Control4 system there very simple to use, this system is even more intuitive.

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