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The city of Bend is growing.  And FAST.  I read an article recently on talking about how Bend, Oregon is the 4th ranked boomtown in the entire country.  This is pretty impressive given the population of our town.

As the popularity, and the population of our town continues to grow I thought it would be fun to highlight some local businesses that have popped up over the last year that are making a name for themselves.   i discussed one of my favorite local restaurants here.

Maid in Central Oregon

While this business isn’t particularly well-known, Maid in Central Oregon gets my vote for the best cleaning service in Bend.  The business was started in the last year by a couple ladies that wanted to offer a great service at an affordable price.  They have done a phenomenal job handling all of the cleaning around our house.

In fact I’m quite positive that our house has never been this clean.  They are fast, efficient, and wonderfully friendly.  I feel lucky to have found them when I did and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a professional house cleaning service.

Those that have hired maid services in the past understand that oftentimes you don’t get what you pay for.  I can honestly say that these ladies hustle more than any other service I’ve hired in the past.  So give them a shot.

Maid in Central Oregon
1124 NW Portland Ave #1
Bend, OR 97701
(458) 202-2462

Bend Oregon Pest Control Pro's

Now I can honestly say that there is very little that is exciting exterminators.  But when you come across a company that makes customer service their number one priority I feel it is important to recognize the effort.  Bend Oregon Pest Control Pro's does exactly that.

We had to hire them to come out to take care of a little rodent problem and they were fast, courteous, and very efficient.

As my husband and I were moving some of our summer gear out of the garage to make room for winter gear and Christmas decorations we saw some unwanted visitors in our garage.

Now I consider myself a pretty capable woman, but sometimes you just want someone professional to handle a situation like this.

The Barber House

For as long as I've know him, my husband has struggled to find a good barber.  His hair isn't styled in any particularly difficult way, but for whatever reason, he's just had a difficult time with it.

Recently a new barber shop opened up down the street from us next to Back Porch Coffee.  It's called The Barber House.   They style themselves a classic men's barber shop that offers a return to the old days when getting a haircut was simple and the time spent there was enjoyable.

They even offer a free beer while you're waiting in their comfortable sitting area.  I have to say  I was pretty impressed.  My husband told his barber what he wanted.  And he got exactly that.  It was pretty funny to see how excited he was about the whole experience.   And the best part is it only cost $20.  I wish ladies cuts were that inexpensive!

The Barber House
1052 NW Newport Ave. Ste. 102
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 323-4009

Tributaries Digital Strategies

Now I don't profess to be into all the home technology stuff.  But I will say one thing on this subject.  If my home entertainment system isn't easy to use, the I REFUSE to use it.

I cannot stand having to use 5 remote controls to turn on the TV just to watch a show.  And having to consult a cheat sheet to make sure I do it in the correct order is just absurd.

Recently we used a local company here in Bend called Tributaries Digital Strategies to help promote our website.  It's nothing huge, but we're looking to expand our business and I've been told that local search engine optimization and marketing is one of the best ways to do this.

It is quite simply the easiest thing I've ever used.  I would highly recommend them.

So if you're one of the many people moving to the beautiful area that is Central Oregon, I would highly recommend you check out some of these local businesses.  They are part of a booming local economy here in Bend and offer stellar customer service.

You can click this link to read the full boomtown article on

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My husband and I recently took a trip to Central Oregon.  Several of our friends go there every year and have been telling us for years that we should check it out.  I can say with 100% certainty that it most definitely did not disappoint.  We even found several restaurants that we fell in love with.  Of all the restaurants in Bend Oregon, one in particular inspired me to get back into the kitchen to work on some new recipes.

About Central Oregon

As the name might suggest Central Oregon is located in the middle of the state.  While there are several cities in this area, the most well known is Bend.  It is located at the base of the Cascades range of mountains and is known as a haven for mountain bikers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

I had heard all of this before traveling to this charming little city.  What I hadn’t heard was that it also has a bustling and creative food scene that would put many larger cities to shame.  Evidently it is not uncommon for  chef’s to make a name for themselves in other parts of the state such as Portland, and then move to Bend to escape the grey winters that haunt the western side of the state.

Where to Eat

While it’s hard to narrow it down to a single place, there was one particular restaurant more than any other that got my attention.  The Sparrow Bakery in Bend is a little slice of heaven in the mountains.  They offer a wide variety of foods from pastries and sandwiches to soups and seasonally inspired salads.

But more than anything else you have to try their Ocean Rolls.  These delightful little pastries are a play on the classical cinnamon roll.  But instead of cinnamon they use cardamom.  I don’t typically think of cardamom as a sweet flavor, but it is absolutely amazing in the Ocean Roll.

The hand rolled croissant dough is the basis for this masterpiece and it is made daily in their bread shop.

All of their sandwiches are served on house made bread.  They range from a Croque Monsieur to a chicken Waldorf salad sandwich.  It’s really hard to go wrong with anything on the menu.  They even offer a full coffee bar.  While a traditional cappuccino is excellent, the cardamom latte is even better.

Another way to experience the croissant dough is on the bacon breakfast sandwich.  This amazingly well balanced sandwich consists of a croissant cut in half with a couple pieces of bacon,  a perfectly poached egg, arugula, and aioli in the middle.  If you’re not much for sweets then this one will most definitely hit the spot.

While it may not be the most well known of all the restaurants in Bend Oregon, The Sparrow Bakery does have a very loyal following.  And for good reasons.  They offer reasonably priced food of the absolute highest quality day in and day out and is one of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon.

If you’re ever in the Bend area you should most definitely stop by.  Here is a map of their two locations.

Where to Stay

One of the nicest hotels in this cute little town is the Oxford.  It is located downtown and is perfectly situated for getting anywhere in Bend very quickly.  We stayed here for the duration of our trip and were very pleased with the room, amenities, and service.  It is a great jumping off point for any trips around Central Oregon.

Here’s a great video showcasing the Sparrow Bakery’s lemon meringue cake.

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