A New Diet In Time for the Holidays


For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with my diet.  I don’t mean in the conventional sense of trying to control my weight.  Rather I’ve had a hard time with foods causing all sorts of health issues.

Tummy Issues

It started a year or so ago when I found myself getting regular stomach aches after eating anything with gluten in it.   I know that gluten sensitivity is fairly common, but I had never lumped myself in with those that had issues with wheat.


After consulting with a local nutritionist about the issues I was having, she came up with list of foods I should avoid for a while.  Basically I put myself on an elimination diet.  Items such as wheat, processed sugars, eggs, dairy, and nightshades are all things that were included.  I’ve done diets such as the Paleo diet before.


This mean cutting back on a significant number of the food I would normally eat.  In fact I’m now at the point that I’m basically limiting myself to meat, vegetables, and some fruits.  You would think this would be a fairly monotonous way to eat, but I’ve managed to include a good bit of variety.  One thing we have a fair amount of here is local food.  This includes grass-fed beef, lamb, and pork as well as pasture raised chickens.


It’s teaching me to research new ways of preparing these foods that are both delicious, and comply with my strict diet.  So far I have to say that I’m not missing anything.  Well, almost.  I do wish there was some way to get ice cream that didn’t contain any of these ingredients.  But so far my searches have come up empty.


The Results So Far

As of today I’ve been eating this specialized diet for about 15 days.  And I must say the results are amazing.  I’ve probably dropped 4 or 5 pounds while feeling more satiated than I can remember feeling in a while.  My doctor explained that this is probably due to a normalization of my blood sugar levels.  This is due to reduced carbohydrates and an increase in fats from animal sources.


Whatever the explanation I won’t complain.  I didn’t start this to lose weight, but it certainly is an added benefit.


My stomach issues have also completely disappeared.  No more cramping, bloating, or irritable bowel syndrome.  I’ll continue to eat this way for another 15 days.  At that point I begin to slowly add things back to my diet in an effort to determine what the culprit is.  I have to say that I’m somewhat reluctant to do this.  But in another 15 days, who knows, maybe I’ll be craving something uncontrollably.


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